Second National River Summit 2017

16-19 March 2017 in Trisuli River bank, Thewatar, Gorkha

Managing Rivers for Life!

The ‘2nd National River Summit 2017 with the slogan of Managing Rivers for Life! was held from 16-19 March 2017 in Trisuli River bank, Thewatar, Gorkha, Nepal. About 250 participants from various sectors from Government line agencies, Policy Makers, Academicians, National and International Researchers, University Graduates, Engineers, Media Personals, River Guides, Local People, Non-Government Organizations and River Basin Representatives (people directly associated with river basins) of Nepal and delegates from International Organizations took part in 2nd National River Summit 2017.

The summit was organized by Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) in association with Youth Alliance for Environment (YAE), Central Department of Environmental Science – Tribhuvan University (CDES-TU) and Aquatic Ecoloy Center – Kathmandu University (AEC-KU). The collaborative partners Waterkeeper Alliance USA (WKA), USAID – PAANI Project, US – Forest Service, WWF – Nepal, International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Nepal Forum for Environment Journalist (NEFEJ), Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-Nepal (ISET-N), THRIVE Project, Satyadevi Yuva Club and associate partners Nepal Kayak and Canoe Club (NKCC), Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA), Himalayan Rafting Guide Association Nepal (HRGAN), Ultimate Descents (UD), Borderlands eco-adventure Resorts.

The main objective of this summit was to bring a wide range of stakeholders to discuss the challenges of environmentally sound and sustainable use as well as conservation and management of Nepal Rivers for long run and overall benefits to the people. To achieve this goal, the summit sessions were divided into different sessions broadly categorized as panel discussion and technical sessions. For this event, local communities, policy makers, academician, other related stakeholders, national and international researchers and delegates were invited to have multi-stakeholders interaction.

The following are the objectives for the 2nd National River Summit 2017.

  1. To foster dialogue on rivers as continuation of the first river summit.
  2. To bring together stakeholders, both local and global expertise, to share knowledge, information, opportunities and threats to Nepal’s rivers.
  3. To provide framework and strategies for ecosystem revival, biodiversity conservation and restoration.
  4. To identify gaps in, knowledge and understanding of rivers and propose a strategy to fill the gaps.
  5. To create a forum for regular multi stakeholder discussions, ensure communication and raise public awareness for river conservation.


Click on link to download Trishuli Declaration (Common Understanding) 2017 English | Nepali

Full Proceeding of 2nd National River Summit Click Here to download.